General Information

ISSN 1818-3735 (print) 2311-9543 (online)

DOI 10.21455/gr

The Geophysical Research Journal is a scholarly peer-reviewed periodical that publishes Russian or English-language original research articles, reviews, alerts of scientific events, and other relevant information on a wide range of theoretical and applied geophysics. The Journal aims to promote the exchange of new scientific results, to discuss the current problems in geophysics and related sciences, and to inform the research community on the scientific events.

The Journal is founded by the Schmidt Institute of Physics of the Earth, Russian Academy of Sciences (IPE RAS).

Journal is available at scientific electronic library eLibrary and cited by Russian Index of Scientific Citation.

Full electronic versions are available by subscription in the eLIBRARY:

Journal Subscription is possible via joint catalog "Pressa Rossii" (subscription index 42351).

All papers are available at the Journal web-site 6 months after publication.

The major scientific directions of the Journal are:

  • theory, methods, and results of regional and global geophysical studies including seismology, seismic forecasting and hazard assessment;

  • theory, methods, and algorithms for processing and interpretation of geophysical data;

  • mathematical aspects of modelling the geophysical fields and processes; computing procedures and geophysical software;

  • methods and metrology of the field and observatory geophysical measurements and the results of these works;

  • laboratory rock testing experiments and rock physics;

  • geomagnetic, paleomagnetic, and rock magnetic studies;

  • geospace research focused on the phenomena and processes in the Earth's atmosphere,

  • ionosphere, and magnetosphere and their interaction with solid Earth;

  • geophysical methods for prospecting and exploration;

  • environmental and engineering geophysics;

  • geophysical monitoring of natural and anthropogenic processes;

  • physical processes associated with mining and production and other underground activities; their geophysical monitoring;

  • geoinformatics: databases and knowledge bases in the Earth’ science; network technologies in organizing the observations, data exchange, and computations.

Information materials include chronicles of scientific events; brief communications on the awards and jubilees; the obituaries; announcements of competitive selections for academic positions; calls for the research grant proposals announced by the research foundations; other relevant information on the activities of IPE RAS and other scientific institutions.

Submission rules, Guidelines for Authors and Journal Regulations are in “Publishing Ethics” and "For authors" directory of this web-site.

The journal is published both in hardcopy and online editions and does not impose page charges.