GEOPHYSICAL RESEARCH2018, vol. 19, no. 3, pp. 41-56.

UDC 550.347

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T.Yu. Koroleva(1), B.A. Assinovskaya(2)

(1) St. Petersburg State University, St. Petersburg, Russia

(2) Pulkovo Seismic Station, Federal Research Center of the Geophysical Survey of Russian Academy of Sciences, St. Petersburg, Russia

Abstract. In this work we study the high-speed structure of the upper crust of the Gulf of Finland region and its surroundings using the method of noise surface-wave tomography. For this, noise records of 16 broadband seismic stations located in the region and its vicinity were used. The cross-correlation functions of ambient noise calculated for station pairs allowed us to construct the dispersion curves in a period range of 2–20 s. The maps of group velocity distribution for separate periods were obtained using a 2D-tomography method. Then the inverse problem of reconstruction the S-wave velocity from the dispersion curve of the surface wave was solved. The initial approximation was chosen on the basis of the analysis of the Sovetsk–Kohtla-Jarve velocity profile obtained by the DSS method. The velocity sections were searched in the form of a piecewise-constant function, the number of layers for the crust was set equal to five, the thickness of the layers and the velocity in them varied. The resulting vertical velocity sections were presented in the form of lateral variations of the velocity for some depth ranges. As a result of the work, the structure of the crust in the area of ​​transition from the Fennoscandian shield to the Russian plate to the depths of 16 km was refined. On the map for a depth interval of 0–2 km, the change in the velocity VS from 3.1 to 3.4 km/s is due to the influence of the sedimentary cover and the transition from the crystalline basement rocks to the Devonian low-speed sandy-clay sediments. The velocity anomalies here coincide with the orientation of the geological structures in the area of ​​transition from the Fennoscandian Shield to the Baltic syneclise. Two high-velocity blocks are detected in the depth of 2–8 km, the first one with VS 3.5–3.6 km/s in the north and the second with VS 3.4–3.5 km/s in the south. The border between them marks the bondary of the shield and the Russian plate. The area of reduced velocities probably exists in the region of the seismogenic Pskov-Paldisky deformation zone. The crust is uniform with only one monolithic block of VS 3.7–3.8 km on the depth of 8–16 km. The existence of the graben of the Gulf of Finland suggested by some researchers was not confirmed by the results obtained.

Keywords: seismotomography (surface wave tomography), ambient seismic noise, shear wave, dispersion curve, geological section, deep structure, rock.


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