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ISSN  2311-9543 (online) 

DOI 10.21455/GR

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GEOPHYSICAL RESEARCH is a peer-review scientific journal that publishes the original papers as well as reviews, scientific meetings announcements and reports and other scientific information within a broad range of geophysical and related problems. The goals are to disseminate the information regarding the modern scientific studies and results, to discuss the relevant problems in geophysics and related disciplines, to inform the society about the important scientific events, to pursue the interchange of ideas between the "academic" and "exploration" geophysics. The discussion of the complex problems at the verge of science and practice, laboratory, field and computational experiments is specifically encouraged.

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Free access to all papers in Russian (PDF) is open at the site six months after their publication.
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The major scientific directions of the Journal are:

• Theory and methods of regional and local geophysical studies (including seismology, seismic risk assessment and seismic risk mapping);

• Theory, methods and algorithms of geophysical data processing and interpretation, the mathematical aspects of the geophysical fields and processes simulation, problems of the effective computation in geophysics, geophysical software;

• Methodological and metrological aspects of the field and observatory geophysical measurements and their results;

• Laboratory experiment, petrophysics;

• Geomagnetism, paleomagnetism and petromagnetism studies;

• Studies of the external geospheres (atmosphere, ionosphere and magnitosphere) and their interaction with the solid Earth;

• Geophysical exploration methods;

• Engineering and ecological geophysics;

• Geophysical monitoring of the natural and technical objects;

• Physics of the mining and other underground excavation processes, their geophysical monitoring;

• Geoinformatics: databases and knowledge bases in Earth sciences, network technologies in geophysical observations, information exchange and computations.